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United States holidays can delay orders. 

Orders are only shipped Monday - Thursday

Orders will ship within 2 days of when the 

order is placed.

We highly recommend you use

overnight shipping for TYB and Extender orders.

Only overnight orders are guaranteed to arrive cold.

All kits are shipped with dry ice to ensure a proper temperature.

2-3 day shipping temperatures can not be guaranteed.

Ship directly to your donor!

Just enter their information in the shipping section during checkout.

Add anything extra to the kits from the shop below.

What is TYB?

 TYB is an egg-based Test Yolk Buffer shipping medium for sperm.

TYB contains no antibiotics.

What is Sperm Extender?

Sperm Extender is a milk-based shipping medium for sperm. 

Sperm Extender contains no antibiotics. 

The vials do not contain human specimen.

Both shipping mediums keep sperm alive for up to 48 hours in a

chilled shipping container.

Click here for more info on

Sperm Extender and Tyb.


TYB and Extender can be frozen for up to

1 year in at home freezers.  




Donor Instructions

  • upon the arrival, place the Test Yolk Buffer (Yellow) / Sperm Extender (White) and ice pack in the freezer

  • save the box and all packing materials for shipping to the Recipient

  • leave the syringe in the packaging - you will not need it

  • abstain from ejaculation for 2-5 days (but not longer) prior to the Recipient's ovulation

  • When the Recipient calls and asks you to overnight the package:

    • thaw the Test Yolk Buffer and let it come to room temperature

    • ejaculate into the plastic cup provided

    • add in all the Test Yolk Buffer, and let it sit for 20 minutes

    • WARNING: only add the Test Yolk Buffer if it is fully thawed at room temperature

    • WARNING: Do not use the Test Yolk Buffer if it is passed the expiration date on the label

    • Be sure to tighten cap of the plastic cup so it does not leak

    • put the cup into the zip lock plastic bag and seal

    • put plastic bag with cup in it and ice pack inside the insulated box, replacing 6th side of insulation so that the inside of the box is insulated on all six sides

    • tape the box securely closed with packing tape, duct tape, etc.

    • place syringe (unused, unopened) and taped box inside a Pak bag and seal bag

    • ship to the recipient for overnight delivery


Recipient Instructions

  • insemination should take place upon arrival.

  • if immediate insemination is not possible, store the cup in the refrigerator for insemination later that SAME day. *DO NOT STORE IN THE FREEZER.

  • draw up the yellow mixture (tyb), white mixture (Sperm Extender), from the plastic cup with the syringe

  • lay down with hips elevated on a pillow and insert the syringe into the vagina

  • deposit contents as high in the vagina as possible

  • WARNING: DO NOT try to put the semen and preservative into your uterus. Vaginal insemination ONLY. Intrauterine inseminations (IUI) should be done by appropriately licensed and trained health professionals (midwives, nurse practitioners, physicians).

  • remain lying down for at least one hour



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Sperm Extender and TYB must be kept chilled



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