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Pregnant Woman Staying Fit


Please read before ordering
Customer Service hours are 9am-5pm CST Monday-Friday
United States holidays can delay orders. 
Orders are only shipped Monday - Thursday

All orders have a 2 business day processing time from when 
order is placed unless delayed due to holidays.

We recommend that you not order last minute. 

Contents can remain frozen for 1 year if unopened 
or for two weeks if refrigerated. 

We highly recommend you use
overnight shipping for TYB and Extender orders.
Only overnight orders are guaranteed to arrive cold.
All kits are shipped with dry ice to ensure a proper temperature.
2-3 day shipping temperatures can not be guaranteed.

Ship directly to your donor!
Just enter their information in the shipping section during checkout.
Add anything extra to the kits from the shop below.

What is TYB?
TYB is an egg-based Test Yolk Buffer shipping medium for sperm.
TYB contains no antibiotics.

What is Sperm Extender?
Sperm Extender is a milk-based shipping medium for sperm. 
Sperm Extender contains no antibiotics. 

The vials do not contain human specimen.

Both shipping mediums keep sperm alive for up to 48 hours in a
chilled shipping container.

Click here for more info on

Sperm Extender and Tyb.


Unopened TYB and Extender can be frozen for up to
1 year in at home freezers.  





Please follow instructions carefully.

Natal Donor does not cover product ruined due to user error.

Instructions apply to both TYB and Extender.

Both the TYB and Extender can be frozen for 1 year or refrigerated for 2 weeks if unopened.

Donor instructions and info:

  • Once you have received the kit place the liquid shipping medium in the freezer until needed.

  • Do not discard the box or any of the other materials shipped with the kit.

  • The syringe in the box is intended for use by the recipients, however, you will need a syringe so make sure you ask your recipients if the syringe included in the kit is for your use or for them.

  • Make sure you have abstained from ejaculation for 2-3 days (3 days is the maximum)


  • Do not freeze the sperm. Product will fail 100%

  • For preparing the kit place the frozen liquid in warm water to thaw. The temperature of the contents should be roughly 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit or room temperature when ready to use.

  • Use a collection cup (may not be provided) to collect the sperm sample. Place the cap on the cup and let sit for roughly 7 minutes or until the sperm has liquified. Sperm clots immediately after ejaculation therefore we need to allow the sperm to un-clot before adding the shipping liquid.

  • Once the sperm has liquefied, add the contents (room temperature TYB or Extender) into the collection cup that was either provided in your kit or purchased yourself. Collection cups are not generally included in the kit in order to make more room for dry ice. Ask your recipients if a cup is included for your use.

  • Cap the collection cup and let sit for 5 minutes, gently stir, do not shake or swirl the cup.

  • After the 5 minutes is up you should see that the sperm has been spread evenly throughout the liquid. (Only TYB is transparent)

  • Use the syringe (If provided for you) to pull up the liquid and place it into the return vials. These vials will be full as it is important to have as little air in the vial as possible. You may have left over liquid and that is ok, its more important to have full vials than to get every remaining bit of liquid.

  • Tighten thee caps on the return vials firmly and place in the small plastic bags they came in.

  • Place the vials in the fridge for roughly 20 minutes before placing in the kits with the frozen ice pack. It is Important to not introduce the donation to the ice pack immediately as the temperature shock could kill sperm. A slow steady temperature drop is our goal here. You can not freeze any sperm with any of our products, our products only provide a 48 hour window at a refrigerated temperature.

  •  After the 20 minutes is up, place the vials surrounded by the brown paper in the bubble pack. Seal the bubble pack and place in the kit, place the icepack on top. Add extra packing material if necessary so ice pack does not damage the vials. Try not to let the donation contact the ice directly.

  • Tape the lid of the box on surrounding all sides in the same way you received it. Place these instructions back in the box. If you forget just send a picture of the instruction to your recipients.

  • Ship to the recipients Overnight and your job is done.


           Your hard work is very appreciated by families everywhere and on behalf of everyone we thank you for your donation.



Recipient instructions and info:

  • Do not freeze the sperm. Product will fail 100%

  • Once you receive the kit, warm up the donation slowly to room temperature.

  • If you must wait for insemination store the vials in the refrigerator. Please know that the time is ticking so do not wait for more than a few hours to inseminate.

  • Once the donation is warm, open the vials carefully and pour into a collection cup (may not be provided).

  • Use the syringe or the method of your choice (Soft cup method etc.) to draw up the donation and self-administer.

  • If you are only using the syringe and not a soft cup keep your hips elevated for 20-30 minutes to allow the insemination to take place.

  • Our products are not intended for IUI, Intrauterine Inseminations are only to be performed by a licensed professional.  

  • Try to remain lying down for approximately an hour and try to relax.

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Sperm Extender and TYB must be kept chilled



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